Abigail001, 84 years old woman

  • My name: Abigail001 Age: 84 years old

    I'm from: PE Peru

    City of: cusco

    I'm need: a male 40-75 years old for relationship

    About me: without children

    Some words about myself: What is a man, it has a meaning for me. How do they treat me, honesty, how they treat people. I have friends of all ages. Age of my future husband might be younger or older than I am. I enjoy the social representations of love between man and woman. It makes me happy to see two loving people. It would be great to have someone that worries about you because they want to hold your hand, hug and kiss you, no matter where you were. It would be great to be in a relationship where passion is sometimes made to a person you just give them a kiss; no matter where you are.

    Status: Offline

    Verified account: not verified

    Profile created: 10 September 2015

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